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Who are we?

There is no we in Ticket Booth Tales, but there is an I.
I am the Master of There, the Ambassador of Places, the Lord of Here. Around here, I'm know as the boss. No, allow to entroduce you to a small hobbie of mine: film.

What is Ticket Booth Tales?

Oh, how very glad I am that you have asked that.
Ticket Booth Tales is my blog about movies. Here you shall find movie reviews and everything I have to say about movies. Pretty much every movie I shall watch I shall write a review for. And I watch a lot of movies.
Here I shall do you a favor. One day when you decide to go to the movies, you are welcome to visit Ticket Booth Tales were you can read my reviews, and I will tell you whether you should or shouldn't purchase a ticket for the movie you have been raving to see. That way, you will not waste any money, time or life.

No need to thank me.