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Been there done that.

In a world were big city lies beyond the horizon, BouncingWolf sits in his study recalling the random events that have happened to him. Enjoy the randomness, funniness, randomness, entertainment, randomness, and pleasure that BouncingWolf provides you in his personal blog about his random life. Along the way, you will know that it does not take such an exciting setting to make your life interesting. And random.

Sporks Are Useless.

And indeed they are.
Join my parner in crime FlossingSunshine, her co-ruler of planet XXYYZ-I Hikari, and their friend DancingToast in the blog of ultimate randomness. In their often ignored schedule, the Sporks team will make you laugh until your stomach hurts. In a good way. And you will even be convinced, if you are not already, that it is not a good idea to combine forks and spoons.

Polished With Dust

You've been pudding forked.
Ask not what the name means, it just means something, end of story, period, the end. My parter in crime FlossingSunshine's personal blogs consists of randomness in a more personal way. Here you shall find parodies, stuff, this, that, dust, parodies... Oh I already said that? Okay. The point is click on the link or move on in life without witnessing pawning parodies.

Warm Summers Cold Winters

Meet Sharkie, a friend of mine who likes sharks. I am afraid I cannot go too in depth about this blog, because honestly, there is no specific genre this fits into. It is not exactly random, but it is not specific. It is more like a "my journal" type of blog in which Sharkie posts stuff. I'm sorry but I really don't know what else to say.